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Ready to order? Call us (888) 406-4483

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Valentine's Day flower arrangements with red and pink roses

Valentine's Day Flowers

For the relationships we ship...

Icon of a single rose to denote love and romance.

Make them swoon this Valentine's Day

Feeling the love? These Valentine’s Day flower arrangements are all about heart-thumping romance, sweet whispers, and that special connection you share. Whether you're celebrating many years of love or marking your very first Valentine's together (hint: make sure it's the first of many with these stunning flowers), we've got you covered. And if you're finally ready to step out of the friend zone and ask that special someone to 'Be Mine?' these blooms are the perfect touch. Carefully crafted to express all the shades of love, from passionate reds to delicate pinks, each arrangement will make this day unforgettable with the perfect floral expression of your love.

All your Valentine's questions... answered!

At Lovingly, we believe in the power of personalization and care. Our Valentine’s Day arrangements go beyond flowers in a vase; they're carefully hand-crafted expressions of love. They're a true art form to help you convey your love! From passionate red roses to elegant lilies, each arrangement is designed to convey deep emotions and celebrate your unique love story.

Of course! We have easy to pick arrangements so you can pick what stands out to you. But if you want to leave it to the experts to craft something uniquely yours, we've got you covered. Just answer a few simple questions, and our expert designers will personalize your flowers just for you and your love.

To ensure delivery on Valentine's Day, we recommend placing your order early. You can select the delivery date at checkout, and we'll take care of the rest, ensuring your gift arrives fresh and beautiful on that special day.

Our customer service team is eager to assist you. Whether it’s a special request or a query about your order, you can reach out to us via phone (888) 406-4483 or email -

Yes, you can! A personal message is the heart of every Lovingly gift. We invite you to express your feelings in a gift message, and we’ll make sure it’s beautifully presented with your flower arrangement. And if you're at a loss for the perfect thing to say, we can help you with that too. When you select your gift be sure to click the "Craft the perfect message" button and use our guide to write the perfect gift message!