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It's Complicated

Flowers have a way of saying what words sometimes can't.

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Is it… complicated?

No worries, flowers have a way of saying what words sometimes can't. These beautiful (and versatile) arrangements are perfect for those undefined connections, budding romances, or relationships that are just finding their way. Let these flowers do the talking and help you navigate the complexity with grace and elegance.

FAQ's Because It's Complicated

We get it, relationships aren't always black and white. This collection is carefully curated to express sentiments that might be harder to define – a blend of affection, friendship, and everything in between. It's perfect for when you want to convey your feelings without overstepping boundaries or defining the relationship prematurely.

So, can you go wrong with sending flowers? We say flowers are always a good idea, but ultimately you are the best judge!

We're bordering on relationship advice here! We're no love doctors but we know that conveying nuanced emotions can be challenging. Our collection is designed to minimize such risks, offering gifts that are thoughtful yet neutral. However, if you really want to play it safe, talk to one of our floral experts who can guide you! Call us at (888) 406-4483.

Sure thing, we can help! Simply answer a few simple questions and our expert designers will personalize your flowers, just right

Consider the nature and duration of your relationship, as well as the message you wish to convey. Striking that balance is hard though and it's why we've created a gift message guide. When you select your flowers be sure to click the "Craft the perfect message" button and use our guide to write the perfect gift message!


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  • Card Image - Abby

    They are still beautiful!!!


    Naples, FL

  • Card Image - Ash

    Thank you for the beautiful bouquet. The wait was definitely worth it.❤


    Aubrey, TX

  • Card Image - Marilyn

    Thanks again for the beeeeeautiful flowers! 🥰🥰🥰 Love, Marilyn xo


    Toronto, ON

  • Card Image - Julie

    Ohmygoodness what in the world! Thank you so much for the gorgeous flowers! You did not need to do that but thank you so much! Love y’all!!


    Rock Hill, SC