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Vibrant and colorful floral display featuring an array of flowers including orange gerberas, red chrysanthemums, pink tulips, and pale peach roses, beautifully arranged in a lush, dense bouquet.

When It’s More Than Just Flowers, Say It Lovingly

Less Guessing. More Impressing.

The perfect flowers for every moment, reason & occasion!

Close-up of a young woman with light brown hair smiling gently as she admires a bouquet of vibrant flowers, including pink, yellow, and white daisies and orange gerberas.

Say It Lovingly

Lovingly knows it’s not just what you say, but how you say it.

And for all these uniquely amazing people in our lives,

A generic message conveyed by a standard run-of-the-mill gift won’t do.

Let Lovingly guide the flowers you pick and the message you send.

So you can say it with meaning.

Say it with intention.

Say it with love...

Say it Lovingly.

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Flower Bouquet

Let us guide you through personalizing your flowers!

Celebrating a Birthday?

The easiest way to make their birthday extra special!

A rich assortment of colorful flowers, including pink gerberas, orange roses, purple lilies, and yellow daisies, with a card prominently displayed in the center that reads 'Say it Lovingly' in elegant script on a beige background.

The Perfect Message

Every bouquet deserves an amazing card message.

But sometimes it can be a little tricky to find the right words. With Lovingly's message writer, it's as easy as click, click, bloom!

Write the Best Darn Message

The Meaning Behind the Stems You Send