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Ready to order? Call us (888) 406-4483

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I'm Sorry Flowers

Say it with flowers & help make it right!


Real Flowers. Real People. Real Moments

Discover why gifters across the country trust Lovingly with their most special moments.

  • Card Image - Yvonne

    Thank you babe for the flowers. I really appreciate it. I love you so much! Ashegetam Farhang.


    Winnipeg, MB

  • Card Image - Nielle

    The flowers are amazing! They are gorgeous! We’ll have to get together some time soon to catch up! Dad’s service was really beautiful. We even had a speedo salute for him…he would have loved it!! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers…they’re carrying me through the whole grief process!


    Summerville, SC

  • Card Image - Nahema

    You are really trying to make me cry. They are beautiful 😍. Thank you Ry!


    Queens, NY

  • Card Image - Julie

    Ohmygoodness what in the world! Thank you so much for the gorgeous flowers! You did not need to do that but thank you so much! Love y’all!!


    Rock Hill, SC