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January 30, 2020


6 Alternatives to Roses to Make Her Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you’re prepared!

  • Your best bottle of champagne in the cellar just waiting to be popped.
  • Dinner reservations at the trendiest new restaurant in town.
  • A new piece of bling that complements her inner sparkle!

And just as you’re about to pre-order that deluxe arrangement of roses, sure to make her the envy of all her coworkers, you remember….

“Didn’t I once hear her say she doesn’t like roses?!

Fear not, brave soldier. You’ve just found yourself the perfect opportunity to celebrate her individuality with a Valentine’s Day floral arrangement that’s just as unique as she is. While roses are certainly the most popular flower to symbolize love, roses on Valentine’s Day aren’t obligatory, especially when there are so many beautiful alternatives to make her swoon.

Irises or Violets

Does her birthday happen to fall within the month of February? Celebrate your love for her with a beautiful arrangement using her birth flower! While opinions are typically split down the middle
as to whether February’s flower is the Iris or the Violet, one thing’s for sure – either bloom would make a gorgeous choice for a Valentine’s bouquet. Both flowers represent true love and devotion, and they coordinate perfectly with February’s birthstone, amethyst.


No flower says “I think about you all the time” quite like the one actually named “The Forget-Me-Not.” Forget-Me-Nots represent true love, fidelity and a long-lasting connection. Giving her this flower means you truly care for and respect her. It is a testament to your relationship and promises her that she will always remain in your thoughts.


Do you go together like two peas in a pod? Is she the yang to your yin? The Yoko to your John? The flower buds of are known for being almost perfectly symmetrical – just like the perfect match you two love bugs are together!

Chances are, if roses aren’t her thing, tulips very well may be. They’re among the top three most popular flowers in the world, and they come in a variety of colors that carry different meanings. A great choice to convey your romantic interest is the red tulip, signifying your undying love and devotion. Who wouldn’t love that?


If you’re looking for an arrangement she can enjoy for a long time, orchids are definitely the way to go. While most orchids come around yearly, a well-maintained arrangement of orchids can stay in bloom for 6 to 10 weeks.

Orchids not only bloom for longer than most other flowers, they are arguably one of the most elegant stems you’ll find. If your special someone enjoys house plants, an orchid will likely be a great gift. The bloggers at SheKnows point out that orchid means “delicate beauty,” and they are typically attractive to imaginative, quirky, funny and trendsetting personalities.


If it’s not just roses – but flowers in general – that aren’t her thing, consider a succulent! Sure, handing your boo a cactus is risky (you’re not saying she’s prickly, are you??), but there are plenty of water-storing succulents that make the ultimate easy-to-care-for floral gift. Is she into natural healing and medicine? An aloe plant is not only a beautiful and unique gift to brighten her living space, but it also boasts practical uses such as soothing sunburns and hydrating dry or damaged skin.


Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the growing popularity of eco-friendly wooden and paper flowers. A quick search on Etsy will return hundreds – if not thousands – of results. Make her gift extra meaningful by having an arrangement made from the pages of her favorite novel. Check out these petals made of Pride and Prejudice prose from Australian Etsy seller, Novel Hearts Bouquets.

Still not sure how to choose from so many great options? You can always leave it up to the artistic eye of your local florist and ask them to create a custom, meaningful, rose-free Valentine’s Day arrangement.

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