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February 28, 2019


Top 10 Flowers for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day 2021, in the US alone, it is expected that 2.6 billion dollars will be spent on flowers. 

As presents go, flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day are a no-brainer. If you want to give a gorgeous floral gift to your mom (or sister, grandma, mentor, BFF, stepmom, aunt…), you can’t go wrong with any of our top 10 flowers for Mother’s Day bouquets.


A tried and true bouquet of elegant roses never misses the mark for Mother’s Day. Choose yellow for joy, dark pink for gratitude and appreciation, pale pink for admiration. But there’s no need to get hung up on roses’ symbolic meanings.

Choose her favorite hues and you won’t go wrong with these all-time favorite flowers for Mother’s Day. Feeling indecisive? Keep an eye out for multicolored kaleidoscope or rainbow roses.

English Daisies

Did you pickbouquets of dandelions for your mom when you were a kid? An arrangement overflowing with wildflowers is a grown-up way to capture that free-range spirit—without the risk of bee stings.

Daisies are one of the top 10 flowers for Mother’s Day, and these sweet wildflowers come in many colors, though white with a yellow center is the most iconic.


Does mom have a green thumb? Gardenias are a perfect pick because she can enjoy their sweet fragrance indoors and then plant them outdoors. As evergreens, they’ll bloom for years to come with the right care.

These delicate white blooms are popular in bouquets, too, where their gentle scent and velvety white petals make them one of the most elegant choices of flowers for Mother’s Day.


Please bear with us for a brief anecdote.

Once upon a time, one of us here at Lovingly had a roommate who sent his stepmom flowers for Mother’s Day every year. And every year, she responded with a thank-you note, saying, “The flowers are lovely, but I wish you would get renter’s insurance instead.”

It turns out that some moms are painfully practical. If this sounds familiar, we suggest skipping the extravagant basket overflowing with exotic blooms and going with a beautiful arrangement heavy on carnations.

They’re a somewhat unconventional addition to a list of top 10 flowers for Mother’s Day, but carnations are usually long-lasting and budget-friendly. They can be modest and charming or quite elegant and dramatic depending on the colors and styling, but they’re never ostentatious.

Andpink carnations symbolize a mother’s undying love, even when her kids refuse to take her advice.

Gerbera Daisies

For the Victorians, Gerbera daisies symbolized cheerfulness, so they’re a wonderful addition to a springtime bouquet. And they’re usually quite long-lasting. She’ll be able to enjoy these bright flowers for Mother’s Day and well into the middle of next week—right where she’s about to send you, young lady if you don’t get this homework done!

Whoa, sorry—just had a middle school flashback.


Hydrangeas often lead the list of the top 10 flowers for Mother’s Day. Blue, pink, white, even green hydrangeas begin popping up in gardens and farmer’s markets in May.

With blooms the size of a softball, it doesn’t take many hydrangea stems to create a truly spectacular show. They’ll last about a week with a little care, and they dry beautifully.

Share thesecut hydrangea tips from Southern Living to help mom make the most of her arrangement.


Tulips are perhaps the perfect flower for Mother’s Day, as they aren’t overly romantic and come in a variety of colors and meanings. This popular flower is a beautiful sign that we’re being ushered into Spring.

Pink tulips are definitely the most appropriate choice for friends and family.


For ancient Greeks and Egyptians, irises are a gift from heaven. You may or may not want to emphasize that when you give them as flowers for Mother’s Day, depending on how sassy you’re feeling.


Graceful and classy, just like she is, who wouldn’t love a bouquet of elegant lilies for Mother’s Day? You can find them as cut flowers and also as potted house plants. The Laid Back Gardener gives advice on choosing the best lilies for a week-long display of blooms.

Greek myth says that lilies were created from the goddess Hera’s breast milk, which is one of the many reasons they’re associated with motherhood. We apologize if that’s not an origin story you want to think about.


Orchids have the reputation of being tricky to care for, and some certainly are. But there are about 28,000 varieties to choose from, including several that are pretty hardy, so we feel good about calling orchids one of our top 10 flowers for Mother’s Day.

The bloggers at She Knows point out that orchid means “delicate beauty” and that you may want to make sure mom doesn’t think you’re being cheeky by making the comparison.

Not sure how to pick from so many great options? You can always leave it up to the artistic eye of your local florist and ask them to create a custom, meaningful Mother’s Day bouquet.

No matter what kind you choose or who you choose to send them to, flowers for Mother’s Day are a classic gift that is always appreciated.