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June 17, 2020


Unique Birthday Gifts For Him

We all know that dreadful feeling of the infamous birthday gift dilemma: “What am I supposed to get him this year?”

Since there’s usually no sense in asking, because we most likely will never receive an answer…

Check out this guide for some lively, unique, and fun-loving gifts for him!

Let’s quit wasting time, we’ve got some shopping to get to!

10 Gifts He Wouldn't Dream of Returning:

10. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Calling all movie nerds!

If you’re looking to shop smart this year and find the birthday gift that he will brag about for the rest of the year, look no further (if he’s a movie fan, of course).

This scratch-off poster is a dream come true for the indecisive movie lover.

From critically acclaimed films to Oscar winners, he’ll not only become a well-versed film scholar, but he will have a unique and funky new piece of art that’s perfect for any man-cave.

9. Man Crates

You’ve got a Bacon Crate, a Whiskey Crate, and an Exotic Jerky Tool Box; what more could he possibly ask for?

At, there’s no doubt you will find the ultimate gift for not only every man in your life but a gift to fit each one of their personalities as well.

We have proof:

  • Brain Buster Crate
    • for the puzzle lover
  • Caveman Crate
    • for the beef jerky lover
  • Grill Master Crate
    • for the meat searing lover
  • Personalized Shower Beer Crate
    • because we all know there’s no better beer than a shower beer

There’s a Man Crate for everyone! 

8. Invigorate Shower Steamers Gift Set

Who says men don’t like a little bit of luxury, not to mention the scent of cedar orange and coffee!

These shower steamers by Uncommon Goods are sure to provide max-relaxation to every single shower.

These lovely little cubes are packed with essential oils. Use them as an exfoliating body scrub, or simply place them in the corner of your shower or on a shelf, close your eyes, and let the aromatherapy work its magic.

7. Bean Box

Tour the world from the comfort of your own home with a customizable Bean Box subscription! The coffee loving lad in your life is sure to find his new favorite brew with the ridiculous amount of beans these boxes have to offer:

  • chocolatey Latin American
  • fruit-forward African roasts
  • earthy Sumatran blends

Just to name a few, of course!

Choose from Coffee Subscription Plans like:

  • Bean Box Sampler
  • Coffee of the Month

Unique Coffee Gifts

  • World Coffee Tour Box
  • Coffee and Tea Gift Box
  • Coffee + Biscotti Tasting Box

Featured Coffees

  • The Piña Colada Coffee
  • Milk Money
  • First Bloom Spring Blend

6. Office Plant

What better gift than the gift of life! Bring a breath of fresh air to any office space, living room, kitchen, or bedroom with a lively green houseplant!

Plants not only get rid of harmful toxins floating around in the air but also work wonders on your nervous system and mental health.

Find your local Lovingly Florist by going to and entering in your zip code to get him the perfect, all-natural stress reliever!

For tips on finding the ultimate, low maintenance plant (we don’t want any plant killers on our hands), check out 5 Indoor Houseplants for the Brown Thumb! 

5. Smart Watch Wood Stand

This Smart Watch Wood Stand is the perfect companion gift to go alongside his new houseplant!

The docking station is made of real wood and combines convenience with rugged elegance.

The result? The perfect gift for a man who loves his technology, not to mention it will keep everything he needs in one organized place.

You know that means!

No more stressful, hectic mornings where he’s convinced his car keys have spontaneously vanished into the abyss.

4. Cooling Weighted Blanket

We all know that the weighted blanket has been all the rage lately.

So, allow us to introduce what we believe will become the blanket of his dreams. A bold claim, we know.

This take on the ultra-famous weighted blanket, the cooling weighted blanket, retains the comforting hug-like security of the original weighted blanket, without the added heat.


This one by Huggaro is 18 pounds, washable, and made up of faux minx fabric and weighted beads.

Even if he doesn’t like to admit it, no one can turn away a nice cuddly hug, even in the summer!

3. Beer Chilling Coasters

Ok, we’ll admit, this one definitely can be considered a “for him but really for me” kind of gift.

These beautifully crafted New Hampshire granite chillable coasters not only look classy and modern but will keep his beer (and who are we kidding, yours too) chilled for up to 30 minutes!

And that’s not even the best part!

No one likes a warm beer, so you’ll never see a coaster-less drink on your coffee table ever again.

Again, score!

Use them to keep track of who’s can is who’s (the coaster stays on your can, even when you pick it up to sip), and don’t worry, the bottom of the coaster is covered with foam, so no table scratches!

Let’s be real, everyone needs one of these handy dandy Chill Rocks.

2. Outdoor Pizza Oven

We’re taking pizza nights to the next level with this Outdoor Pizza Oven by Koda.

Make your favorite pie without leaving the comfort of your backyard!

You like a garbage pie, and he likes a meat-lovers pie? No problem. This outdoor oven can easily fit two pizza pies at once, and get this:

it only takes 60 seconds!

Why stop with pizza?

Whip up some flatbreads, calzones, s’mores, or toast up some regular old sandwiches to switch things up!

1. Beer Brewing Kit

Someone’s dream of being a master brew crafter is about to be fulfilled.

Sure, anyone can drink beer, but how many can say they brew their own beer?

A beer brewing kit is a perfect gift for any beer enthusiast.

This West Coast IPA Brewing Kit by Uncommon Goods comes with everything you could ever need to make all of his craft beer brewing dreams come true. 

The West Coast IPA Brewing Kit comes with:

  • 100% malt extract
  • specialty grains
  • high-quality yeast
  • aromatic Summit and Cascade hops from Washington state’s Yakima Valley

Now let’s see if we can control ourselves enough to remember we’re shopping for a gift for him and not for us!