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March 31, 2020


Lovingly Releases Multiple Updates to Support Local Florists Through COVID-19

While society is reeling from the shock waves of social distancing regulations as a result of COVID-19, one industry that thrives on creating relationships and emotional connections has taken one of the hardest hits.

With concerns over this worldwide pandemic growing day-by-day, florists around the world are concerned about protecting the health of their employees, as well as the impact this will have on their business.

Here at Lovingly, we’ve been hard at work, creating ways to support our local florist partners, in the hopes of easing their burden in whatever way we can.

In our industry, sending flowers is a show of support, a wish for well-being, an expression of love, and a promotion of positivity. Florists – like many small businesses – are struggling to maintain business-as-usual, but they’re also playing an essential role in uplifting their communities during this time of uncertainty. By that same measure, we are devoted to supporting those who find themselves on the “front lines” of creating a sense of joy and human connection.

Here are just some of the product updates we’ve released in the last week to help our local florist partners.

No-Contact Delivery

Similar to companies like Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats, and DoorDash, Lovingly has created a No-Contact-Delivery feature for florists to utilize during this time. As a result, our florists now have the same capability to deliver to their customers while still abiding by the social distancing guidelines set in place across the United States and Canada. 

Our No-Contact-Delivery feature is not just a quick ‘one-touch’ drop-off (if you will), it’s a sophisticated digitally-powered feature.

Once a customer finishes their order at checkout, a No-Contact-Delivery Confirmation QR Code will be automatically generated. This QR code will appear for the florist in three places:

  1. The printed SuperTicket
  2. Delivery Routing
  3. Order Notifications

The process is simple:

  • Once the driver approaches the recipient’s address they’ll simply scan the QR code with their phone’s camera.
  • A link will automatically launch, allowing the driver to add a note, such as, ‘left arrangement on porch,’ ‘with a neighbor,’ ‘with the doorman,’ etc.
  • Next, a delivery confirmation text will be sent directly to the recipient’s cell phone, notifying them that an arrangement was delivered.
  • An automatic email will also be sent to the sending customer, letting them know the arrangement has been delivered to their loved one.

This feature not only saves time for the florist, but it also confirms delivery on the spot, ensuring that no physical contact is made between the recipient and delivery driver.

Lovingly Exclusive: Florist's Choice

While many shops are diligently fighting to keep their doors open, many suppliers and wholesalers have been unable to do the same. Lack of demand has led to the closure of many growers and wholesalers. Lovingly’s Florist’s Choice option has helped many florists combat this issue. 

While Florist’s Choice has already been a prominent feature on our partner florists’ websites, we’ve made some adjustments to more heavily promote this option across the website.

The florist’s homepage now includes multiple access points. The new COVID Hello Bar, for example, contains a link that will take customers directly to Florist’s Choice. The navigation banner, as well as category pages, also contain promotional images and links to encourage Florist’s Choice.

Homepage Splash Images

We’ve also added a variety of COVID-19 themed homepage status updates in the form of Homepage Splash Images (sometimes known as hero banners). The addition of these new banners to our Splash Image library allows our florists to make their customers aware of the precautions they are taking, whether that means: 

  • Business as usual
  • Delivery-only until further notice
  • Encouraging website orders versus walk-ins
  • Temporary suspension of deliveries
  • Temporary closure of shop

COVID Hello Bar

As briefly mentioned above, we’ve added a Hello Bar to the very top of every shop’s website. Not only does the new Hello Bar link directly to the Florist’s Choice product, but it links to the Shop’s About Us page, as well.

Customers can now see all pertinent information regarding the Shop’s current operations simply by clicking this bar.

We’re currently working on more updates to help our local florist partners to combat this time of fluctuation and uncertainty.

As a nimble and agile tech company, we will continue to evolve with our current circumstances, whatever they may be.

Despite our environment, now more than ever is the time to band together and support our communities. Consider your local businesses, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. In this day and age, we have countless opportunities to spread positivity, joy, and love – especially during this time of increased physical distance.

Let’s use this time as an opportunity to spread love like never before!