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This family owned and operated business has been delivering smiles in the Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1982. For the last 20-ish years we have made North Kildonan our home and have enjoyed meeting many people from around here and from all over the city. It has been our privilege to connect people from across the street and across the miles. We have been a part of so many milestones; from births to deaths and all of the wonderful things that happen in between.

We are a one-stop-shop for flowers, balloons and gifts. We have Cobble Hill puzzles, Mordens’ Chocolates (a local fave!), stuffed animals, Yo Socks, Earth Luxe lotions, and in the winter we have a great selection of seasonal gift ware!

We are freaks about flower freshness! We get fresh flowers every week, which is why you might not always see a huge selection on our web-site. We are very picky about what we bring in and try to show you only what we can actually make. Every now and then, we might have to make the odd substitution, but we will always keep the same look and feel of the original design.

If you think we are freaks about flowers, we are bonkers about balloons! WE LOVE BALLOONS!! Balloons on string, balloons on sticks, balloons in bouquets, balloons in décor, foil balloons, latex balloons, printed balloons, plain balloons, helium balloons, air-filled balloons, number balloons, we love them all! We make balloon bouquets big and small, for delivery or pick up. Bouquets can be customized to suit your occasion and reflect the personality of the recipient. That’s actually where our Balloon Buddy line came from. They started out as simple cute little balloon people then someone asked, “Can you make a dog?” From there it exploded into over 50 unique characters. If you want something different, search “Buddy” in the product search.

We do on-site decorating, where we can make balloon arches, columns and a variety of other things. We work with a lot of corporate clients as well as people planning a private function. The biggest balloon job we ever did was at the Fairmont Hotel, in downtown Winnipeg, for a Bat Mitzvah. It was an Under the Sea theme. We made a giant octopus with 150’ long legs! There were sea life and bubbles EVERYWHERE!! For parties big or small, we have a balloon solution for you. To see what we can do for you visit our decorating page at

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Lovingly is the only way to connect with local florists online through a personalized process that ensures your gift (and message) brightens any day for the ones you love. By helping you choose the perfect gift and removing the guesswork of finding a local florist, Lovingly makes it easy for you to convey how much you care while knowing you’re supporting local businesses.

When you buy local, you’re connecting directly with us, an independent local florist, which means you get more value for what you spend—more flowers and better quality. Compare that to the big floral networks that can take as much as 30% off what you pay, decreasing the overall value of the arrangement. When you buy local, you get a better gift, and you help support the local community.

Your flowers are hand delivered in whichever presentation style you choose—vase or hand-wrapped. We’ll never send impersonal boxes. The arrangement will be directly handed to your recipient with a smile.

Your flowers are hand-delivered in whichever presentation style you choose—vase or hand-wrapped. We’ll never send impersonal boxes.

Contact us, Balloon Bouquets Plus at 204-339-9778 .If you have any questions about your arrangement or your order, we’re ready to help you out!

Of course! We can even help you write the perfect card message.