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Phalaenopsis Orchid

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    Delicate, exotic, and beautiful! If you're looking for the perfect houseplant to gift to a fellow plant lover or add to your own collection, look no further. From the moment these beauties bloom, their loveliness will capture the attention of anyone who steps in the room.

    One purple phalaenopsis plant arrives in a modern planter.


    Real Flowers. Real People. Real Moments

    Discover why gifters across the country trust Lovingly with their most special moments.

    • Card Image - Julie

      Ohmygoodness what in the world! Thank you so much for the gorgeous flowers! You did not need to do that but thank you so much! Love y’all!!


      Rock Hill, SC

    • Card Image - Rich

      Thank you very much for the flowers Pookie !!


      Beacon, NY

    • Card Image - Claudia

      My most beautiful, amazing, kind Friend!! I love you, you’re too sweet thanks a bunch u made me smile muah xoxo God bless you


      Riverside, CA

    • Card Image - Erika

      Thanks so much! Love you to the moon!


      Green Bay, WI

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