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Wed May 22 2019

Verified Lovingly Purchase

I was pleased to see on the website that attractive flowers could be ordered and delivered on the Saturday before Mother's Day. My order went through and I received 2 confirmatory emails. However, when I checked on Sunday to see if they were delivered, they had not. I called the number on the email and they reported they were the answering service and could not help. I called 1-800-flowers who was on the other email confirmation and they stated that they did not have a record of the order and that the confirmation number on the email I had received was not valid. I received a confirmation email from Fabulous Flowers 9 days following the date that the flowers were scheduled to be delivered stating that they had just been delivered. This was not a positive experience. My mother states that she still loves me, but a little less.

Regal Orchids delivered to Mt. Vernon, NY


Wed May 22 2019

Verified Lovingly Purchase

Well it couldn't be a surprise because they didn't deliver gift until 7:05pm so I had to tell her to stay home because she recieving gifts smh I had to call about 10 different times no exaggeration because at first they couldn't find my order.Then we it was delivered by a cab driver they forgot the teddy bear which she had to spend cab money to the shop and back to get the gift I mean I never experienced anything like this and on top of that their vehicle broke down I'm laughing at it now but it was a sad experience for MOTHERS Day!!!

Teleflora's Precious Love delivered to Mt Vernon, NY
Bright and light flower arrangement in a clear vase. Background is pastel pink and light.
Light and bright flower arrangement in a clear vase in a sparse white and pastel background.

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