Lovingly's Guide to Flower Meanings

You’ve found the central location for the seemingly endless world of flowers! Our ever-increasing flower encyclopedia will give you every detail you’ve ever wanted to know about every flower growing under the sun. Learn flower histories, flower symbolism, when and how to give them as a gift, how to grow flowers, how to care for cut flowers, and lots more!


A part of the daisy family, aster is an ancient bloom that has been around for thousands of years, and you better believe it's got a story to tell!

Hypericum Berries

Hypericum Berries Hypericum androsaemum Hypericum, otherwise known as the gift that keeps on giving. Why?…

Spider Mum

Spider Mum Chrysanthemum morifolium A funky member of the chrysanthemum family, spider mums are known…


Celosia Celosia argentea Commonly known as cockscomb or silver cock’s comb, Celosia is a plant of tropical origin and…

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Truly one of the most unique, exotic blooms out there! Bird…


Ranunculus Ranunculus acris Arguably, one of the most beautiful blooms around—the ranunculus is a wedding-season…


Hibiscus Hibiscus rosa-sinensis The ultimate tropical bloom! Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in…


Lavender Lavandula ​A part of the mint family, the perfumy bloom we all know and…


Zinnia Zinnia elegans One of the most lively and cheerful flowers you could have in…


Eucalyptus Eucalyptus globulus Whether you like them in the form of your favorite oil pouring…


Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora No, we’re not talking about Steel Magnolias, unfortunately. But we are talking…


Lisianthus Eustoma Sometimes the simplest of things can become the most elegant… “Wildflowers adapt and…


Protea Protea cynaroides Native to Australia and South Africa, Protea are the epitome of unique…
White Tulips on black background


Tulips are cozy, like snuggling up in your favorite blanket with a fire crackling and snow gently falling.


Anemone Anemonastrum No, not the one under the sea! We prefer the one in the…

Mountain Laurel

Mountain laurel Kalmia latifolia The mountain laurel is a stunning evergreen shrub of the Ericaceae…


Freesia Freesia corymbosa The sweet smell of spring! These blooms may be dainty, but don’t…


Lily Lilium More than just a 30th Anniversary flower! “A lily or a rose never…

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy Gerbera jamesonii They’re sleek; they’re elegant, they’re big, bright, and fabulous.  We’re talking…


Poinsettia Euphorbia pulcherrima The ultimate holiday plant – Poinsettia in the house!  Known for its…


Holly Llex aquifolium Have a holly jolly Christmas! With it’s shiny, prickly leaves and bright…


Snapdragon Antirrhinum Oh snap, we’re talking about Snapdragons!  “Season of woolen garments taken out of…

Texas Bluebonnet

Texas Bluebonnet Lupinus texensis Predominantly found in the southwestern parts of the United States, allow…

Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood Cornus florida We all get that little tingle of excitement as we start…

Prickly Wild Rose

Prickly Wild Rose Rosa acicularis The prickly wild rose, often identified by their light pink…


Marigolds may be the birth month flower of October, but they’re soo much more than just our favorite fall annual!

Great White Trillium

Although trilliums are quite the stunning wild beauty, they are a little smelly. If you ever find yourself hiking your way through the Pacific Northwest, be sure to keep your eyes and nose) peeled!

Black Eyed Susan

Black Eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta No, not the Black-Eyed Peas! We’re talking about the Black-Eyed…


There's no doubt you've heard of the sweet (get it) phenomenon that is Agave Nectar. What's even sweeter? The Yucca plant is a beautifully unique member of the agave family, with over 40 different types of perennials growing throughout North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


Carnations symbolize fascination, love, and affection—with deep red being the most popular.


Violets Voila You’ve seen these tiny, but nevertheless lovely clusters of vibrancy, so there’s no…


No other flower resembles the beauty of bubbling globes of bursting color like a hydrangea does.


Ah, the sweet smelling loveliness of the hyacinth...


Peony Paeonia It’s plain to see the sheer beauty of the peony, and if you’ve…


Gladiolus Gladiolus oppositiflorus The gladiolus: a beautiful, proud, tall drink of water. We commonly recognize…


Orchid Orchidaceae As one of the oldest flowering plants and with over 200,000 different species,…


Poppy Papaver They’re stunning, they’re elegant, they’re vibrant and beautiful! With their endless colors, ease…

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland Moluccella laevis Despite their namesake, these regal bell-shaped greens actually hail from…


Waxflower Chamelaucium Uncinatum Waxflowers come as the perfect mix of sugar and spice, with their…


Commonly known as ‘False Goat’s Beard,’ Astilbe brings light and life to even the shadiest of corners. And don’t worry, there’s nothing false about this bold perennial wildflower!


What’s more joyful than a sunflower? Their huge, yellow-orange blooms tower over the garden, but they make up for stealing the show by providing seeds, feed, and pollen.


Just when winter starts to feel like an endless Game of Thrones episode—boom!—suddenly the lilac blooms and you know that spring is here.

Forget Me Nots

As a symbol of eternal love and devotion, forget me nots are beautiful, delicate flowers that brighten any day.


Roses are red, violets are… actually roses aren’t just red. What flower is more iconic than a rose?


Irises are easy to grow, have tons of blooms, and keep coming up year after year!


Chrysanthemums are the perfect fall flower with amazing shades of autumn and cold-resistance.


Daffodils aren’t just beautiful yellow beacons of spring, they’re easy to grow and great in bouquets.


Delphiniums spread quickly and have a wonderful meadow smell. They grow in big clusters.

Calla Lily

If you’ve ever been to a wedding or a church on Easter, you’ve likely seen these elegant white flowers.


As a symbol of devotion, Peruvian lilies say to friends and loved ones that you’ll always be there for them and trust in your love and friendship.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is incredibly popular, and you can see it in almost every floral arrangement online and in floral shops.


Gardenias are beloved for their unique fragrance and distinct, creamy-white flowers and leathery green leaves.


Dahlias provide one of the most spectacular blooms in the flower kingdom. They come in countless sizes and colors.
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