Lovingly's Guide to Flower Meanings

You’ve found the central location for the seemingly endless world of flowers! Our ever-increasing flower encyclopedia will give you every detail you’ve ever wanted to know about every flower growing under the sun. Learn flower histories, flower symbolism, when and how to give them as a gift, how to grow flowers, how to care for cut flowers, and lots more!

Forget Me Nots

As a symbol of eternal love and devotion, forget me nots are beautiful, delicate flowers that brighten any day.


No other flower resembles the beauty of bubbling globes of bursting color like a hydrangea does.


Roses are red, violets are… actually roses aren’t just red. What flower is more iconic than a rose?


Carnations symbolize fascination, love, and affection—with deep red being the most popular.


Irises are easy to grow, have tons of blooms, and keep coming up year after year!


Chrysanthemums are the perfect fall flower with amazing shades of autumn and cold-resistance.


Daffodils aren’t just beautiful yellow beacons of spring, they’re easy to grow and great in bouquets.


Delphiniums spread quickly and have a wonderful meadow smell. They grow in big clusters.

Calla Lily

If you’ve ever been to a wedding or a church on Easter, you’ve likely seen these elegant white flowers.
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