Grow Your Floral Business with Lovingly Weddings

Spend less on marketing, and book more brides. 

Get More Qualified Leads — Ditch the Directory Listings

Disappointed that your website isn’t working to generate leads?

Sick of paying huge advertising fees on the big wedding websites with few results?

Frustrated by couples that show up clueless to their consultation?

We get it. And we think there has to be a better way.

That's why we created Lovingly Weddings...

A lead-generating widget that can be easily added to your existing website.

When you have more leads, you can stop wasting money on advertising with the big wedding sites, book more weddings, and watch your business grow.

In 2018, Lovingly Weddings has already generated over 14,000 wedding leads.

And soon, it’ll be available to wedding florists everywhere.

How it Works

Lovingly Weddings greets the happy couple on your website in a friendly way and gathers details about their wedding plans and floral style.

By asking all the basic questions for you, Lovingly Weddings helps you get a head start and save time. Plus, the couple is more prepared to discuss the specifics of their wedding flowers.

Integrated Pinterest sharing means you can see their wedding vision, even before the initial consultation, so you’re better prepared with options and budgets.

If at any time the client exits the Lovingly Weddings widget, they’re prompted to leave their email address so you can still follow up with them.


Yes! Whoever manages your website will be able to easily install the Lovingly Weddings widget for you.

Yes! Lovingly Weddings has been dynamically designed for mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Lovingly Weddings will be available to try with a FREE Trial that can be converted to an affordable monthly subscription (as low as $30/month!).

All the information and contact details for each lead will be emailed directly to you.

Lovingly has been partnering with local florists dedicated to bringing people together and celebrating moments for over 10 years. We help local florists fight against Order Gatherers and take back control, so you can grow your business and have the freedom to do what you love.

Our services include Lovingly Store, a high-converting performance-based ecommerce website for florists and Lovingly POS, a streamlined, user-friendly point-of-sale for florists. We also offer Google Ads management free of charge for partners, along with free wedding leads and our highly-rated white glove customer service.

We’re dedicated to helping our partners succeed. Lovingly U is our hub of florist-centric resources to grow your business, covering everything from wedding networking, to reputation management, to SEO, and more. Our free Ebook series offers actionable steps florists can take to increase their search rankings, get more online orders, and more.

With more leads and more streamlined consultations, you can book more weddings and ditch the expensive listings.

Ready for your own happily-ever-after?