Small Print, Big Picture

Many Lovingly Partners are local florists who have been our friends for years.

Some still remember the days when our We don’t make a penny until you do! payment structure shook the floral industry a decade ago.

And how some naysayers came out on the attack.

They were eager to discredit us and maintain a status quo in which they were profiting at local florists’ expense.

Over a decade later and our five-star reputation speaks for itself.

In fact, we’ve been so successful that some competitors felt the need to “play dirty” by writing articles with names like “Lovingly scam” which completely failed to have any effect.

As our attempt to turn the tables back in favor of florists first came under attack, Lovingly — then known as UFN — continued to be supported and mentored by industry legend, Lou La Venia.

It was make or break time.

La Venia — a founding member of the Association de la Fleuristerie du Quebec (AFQ) — was already a major figure in Canada. He had gained fame for going up against the government on behalf of florists and forcing change to benefit their businesses.

He believed in our company and began actively encouraging florists to sign up with us.

Since then, we’ve helped over a thousand florists across the U.S. and Canada.

That’s why we don’t mind making our small print part of our big picture. For example:

  • Products and services offered on a Lovingly Store are determined by our florists, along with prices — the only exception being our popular Florist’s Choice, where florists design an arrangement to be sold by Lovingly as Standard, Deluxe, or Premium
  • Lovingly remains a legal independant contractor — we work for florists as a service. Florists decide their online budgets, we have our marketing and technical experts maximize their results — providing valuable advice and support every step of the way
  • When florists sign up with Lovingly, any domains and subdomains they own are leased by us. We pay all annual domain/subdomain fees, ensuring domains are covered throughout the term, with no risk of loss — an automated renewal from florists’ point of view. The lease simply covers us from being dropped after maximizing SEO and marketing, which has unfortunately happened. It also protects florists from floundering when SEO changes occur that they are not equipped to be aware of or deal with, which has also unfortunately happened. At the end of the term, we transfer the domain names back to florists, should they choose

Small print aside, Lovingly boasts a whole range of innovative benefits for florists.

We’re also proud to showcase our numbers, as well as our reputation:

  • 96% Florist Satisfaction Rating
  • $77 Average Order Value
  • 46% Of Orders Are Upgraded

Across the board, florists report an increase in orders shortly after joining Lovingly.

So what does the media think about us?

Becoming an industry thought-leader was on the cards for Lovingly from the moment we quashed rumors of a scam and changed the industry. That’s why the media is always interested in what we have to say.

With many copycats and cut-price charlies out there offering insecure and/or low quality sites, Lovingly remains at the cutting edge of high-end quality service, with demonstrable results.

Not only do we build businesses for local craftspeople, we develop friendships.

Your Art. Our Expertise.

From the small print through the big picture, that’s the Lovingly way.