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Join Lovingly Marketplace to grow your business  in your community & beyond.

Let us connect you with customers all over North America to deliver flowers in your local community—without giving away more than half your profits.

The idea for Lovingly started almost two decades ago when our co-founder, Joe, was installing tech systems for florists and realized the ways they were doing business—well, simply put: kept them stuck. Big businesses were taking new ground via the internet at the expense of local florists.

Established, respected businesses were struggling to stay afloat by relying on old-fashioned advertising (think local newsletters and the yellow pages!) and splitting their profits with big-business order gatherers who were skimming so much off the top of their sales—the florists were left with just enough to cover the cost of the flowers they used.

Sound familiar?

For more than 13 years, we’ve partnered with local florists to help find a better way to do business. We help connect you with shoppers all over North America to deliver quality flower arrangements—even when they’re sending a gift to a community far away from their own.

6 out of every 10 online flower orders are sent OUTSIDE of the purchaser’s own delivery area.

By bringing your business online, we scale good ol’ “word of mouth” over the Internet, helping intentional gift givers make meaningful moments for their loved ones at any distance—sending flowers from local artists they know they can trust to help make their gift special.

We believe local businesses are the lifeblood of our communities

—and now more than ever, we’re seeing people put more emphasis on where they shop and what kind of gifts they send. The problem is, if no one can find your business (except your faithful, local customers—who are awesome, but aren’t sending flowers on a daily basis!) they can’t do business with you.

  • The long-distance friend who wants to send her bestie flowers to welcome her home in a new city she’s never been to
  • The new-to-all-this-romantic-stuff boyfriend who wants to send his special someone flowers “just because”
  • The business contact who wants to send sympathy flowers to their client across the country after the loss of a family member
  • The newbie, first-time shopper, who didn’t know any better and fell for an advertisement for one of the big guys

The work you do is important.

It’s time to get away from order gatherers that make it feel like it’s not really your business—and avoid the feast-and-famine seasons that make it hard to predict how you, your team, and your families will fare month-to-month. 

Lovingly can come alongside what you’ve already set up to help you:

  • Get more profitable, direct orders from customers who might’ve never had the chance to connect with you before.
  • Find financial freedom and leave behind unfair lost profits and endless hidden fees.
  • Regain the fulfilling, creative role you love in the business you worked so hard to build.

Reclaim the industry you’ve worked so hard to build.

Because big-name order gatherers shouldn’t be able to build multi-billion dollar companies and never once mention your name if you’re the one fulfilling the order.

That’s just not right… and it’s why we’re completely different.

We connect online shoppers with local florists in a transparent process. Shoppers find you and buy your products with your prices directly from you on Lovingly Marketplace.

Come see the difference…

You’re invited to join Lovingly Marketplace

A community that connects people who want to send flowers with local florists they can trust

As partner you’ll get: 

Your very own featured profile.

Showcase your custom products alongside the Lovingly floral selection guide with over 600 designs, images and recipes to choose from. Sell what you want at the prices you want.

Bring the in-shop experience online!

Our patent-pending conversational experience guides consumers to buy an emotion-driven designer’s choice. They get to tell you how they want their loved one to feel and you get to flex your creativity to craft a unique design.

Free Advertising to increase revenue.

Lovingly invests in local florists, and we’re not just talking about time, research, and development. Every order generated on Lovingly Marketplace fuels actual dollars reinvested into an advertising budget to help you get more direct orders.


The backbone of your floral operation.

From order management to order entry in a cloud-based POS, you can help attract, guide, and nurture your customers. All of your data—customer information, review, sales reports (and more!)—right at your fingertips.


PLUS, you’ll have access to our amazing in-house customer support team, ready to answer any chat, email, or phone call. We’re here ready to guide you through all of your questions, big or small.

How does it work?

Here’s the Process:

1. Join

Sign up here so we can start creating your profile on Lovingly Marketplace.

2. Setup

We’ll reach out to ask a few simple questions (seriously, we’re talking easy-peasy).

3. Go!

When orders come in, do what you do best and make relationships with new customers.

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What’s this going to cost you?

No Monthly Fees.

We don’t make a penny until you do.

Our 10% profit share ensures 90% of the arrangement cost and 100% of the customer info is shared with you. Plus, complete creative & financial control over your pricing and what products you want to sell.

Lovingly Marketplace Profile $27/mo
Floral Selection Guide $35/mo
Point of Sale Online Order Entry Online $97/mo
Advertising Budget $150/mo
Save $3700+ each year by switching!

The lovingly marketplace guarantee

You’ll love it. Period.

If at any time you no longer want to be part of Lovingly Marketplace—email our team to let us know, and we’ll cancel your partnership. 

It’s that simple. Seriously.

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