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February 26, 2021


Why Flowers are the Best Mother’s Day Gift

February 26, 2021

Flowers and Mother’s Day go together like coffee and sunrise; they just work!

Flowers represent so many different things and can evoke just about every emotion there is to feel. There’s a reason we love them, and there’s a reason we love receiving them.

Flowers make us feel special, loved, cherished, and above all – they make us feel happy.

‘Tis the season, after all.

If you're not quite convinced yet, here's a little proof!

The sun is here and it's here to stay

Since Mother’s Day tends to fall on the cusp of summer, flowers are the perfect choice to celebrate the warmer weather and the welcoming of a new season.

There’s little better than the bright afternoon sun hitting the vibrant petals of an arrangement of fresh flowers!

What goes with fresh air and sunshine like flowers!?

Mom's Love Em'

It is a truth universally acknowledged…that Mom’s love flowers. It’s just a fact, don’t ask us for our references, we just know.

(10 points to anyone who got the Pride & Prejudice reference, we love you)

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to make Mom smile this Mother’s Day, look no further – yes, it is as simple as that!

Why do Mom’s love flowers?

Receiving flowers from your children, grandchildren, or just your loved ones in general, makes you feel loved & appreciated.

Knowing someone went the extra mile to make your day special is more meaningful words (so if words and feelings aren’t necessarily your strong suit, flowers are your new best friend).

It's tradition

Year after year, we collectively celebrate the Moms of the world on one extraordinary day – the number one way we celebrate?

Sending flowers!

There’s a reason sending Mom flowers on Mother’s Day has become a known tradition… it’s practically embedded into the holiday itself!

Actually…it is embedded into the holiday!

Anna Jarvis began the custom of wearing a carnation on Mother’s Day:

  • Colored if your mother is living
  • White if she is not

This became a symbol of love and respect for the woman who loved you more than all the rest (no matter how much trouble you’ve caused her over the years).

They're meaningful

Probably one of our favorite reasons flowers make the perfect gift for EVERY occasion is the meanings.

Flowers have sooo many different meanings; in fact, just about every part of the flower has a different meaning or symbolism attached – from the variety, the name, the petals, the stem, and the color!

Name a better way to express your love and appreciation for your Mom on Mother’s Day…we’ll wait.

They improve your mood

According to science, but of course.

Yes, the flower power is scientifically real.

Their bright, vibrant colors and unique shapes remind us of warm air and revitalizing sunshine, but that’s not all.

Studies have shown that attraction to flowers may be directly related to positive emotion which then leads to a more positive mood. This positive mood then serves as a buffer against stress. Those who are in a positive state of mind will then also recover more quickly from the stressors in their life. 

She deserves it

If there’s anyone on this planet who deserves flowers, it’s the one who brought you here, raised you, cared for you, and still loves you just the same.

So go spoil her!

Happy gifting, happy loving, and happy blooming!