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April 22, 2021


Summer Wedding Survival Guide

April 22, 2021

So you’re getting married, CONGRATULATIONS!

What’s better than a summer wedding!?

Summer weddings are a hit, and we all know it!

The weather is warm and sunny, the trees and the grass are fresh, green, and alive, and we can’t forget the abundance of beautiful, vibrant flowers to choose from for your big day!

However, with that, there is the common concern of the hear – it comes with the summer wedding territory!

So we’ve gathered together the top tips to make sure you stay calm, cool, and collected on your wedding day!

1. Hydration Station

Ok, this one may seem a bit obvious but staying hydrated is one of the most overlooked aspects of a bride’s day!

You’re going to be busy – we don’t have to tell you that!

  • hair
  • makeup
  • dress
  • pictures
  • chatting with your girls
  • nerves

All of the above, right!?

The last thing that will be on your mind is grabbing a glass of water!

“Water!? At such a time is this!?”

Try setting up a little hydration station with cold water and ice where you and your bridesmaids are getting ready to make sure everyone has easy access!

2. Make it an updo

The last thing anyone wants, man or woman, on a hot summer day is wet, sweaty hair strands stuck to the back of your neck.

Avoid it altogether by going for a sweet updo instead of keeping your hair down!

3. Pick the right flowers

Your florist will totally have your back on this too, so don’t worry!

But if you want to get a little ahead and start thinking about what types of flowers will be best for your summer wedding, we’ve got your back!

Top Summer Wedding Blooms:

  • Peonies: Definitely saw that one coming, huh? Of course! Peonies are one of the top summer wedding flowers with their elegant, billowing blooms and soft hues. Peony season is pretty short though, so keep that in mind during your flower hunt!
  • Roses: Because roses are never a bad idea
  • Lavender: These fragrant little sprigs make the perfect accent for any bouquet (plus lavender oil is known for its calming effects – perfect for the big day!).
  • ProteasThe perfect summer boho theme! And they’re native to South Africa, so you know they’ll be able to withstand hot temps!
  • HydrangeaAh, a classic wedding flower. Hydrangeas are super popular for wedding bouquets, and for good reason! Their full blooms and soft colors fill out a bouquet beautifully.

4. Choose a light color scheme

Yes! It’s true!

Looking at cool colors actually tricks your mind into thinking your body temperature is cooler than it actually is!

This is why many people who live in a climate where summer temperatures are particularly brutal will temper the sun’s effects with cool colors, particularly in entryways to buildings.

Choose fresh, airy colors like whites, light pinks, light purples, and creams to help keep you and your guests as cool as possible.

5. Sunset Ceremony, Evening Reception

The best way to beat the heat is to skip the heat! 

How do we do this? Well, flee from the sun, of course!

Plus, who doesn’t think a sunset ceremony sounds simply GORGEOUS? 

Planning your big day around cooler times of the day will help keep your guests and yourself out of the sun! (Not to mention give you KILLER sunset pics!).

6. Breathable Fabrics

Since you’ll most likely be wearing your wedding dress for a majority of the night, if not the entire night (unless you’re planning an epic outfit change, WE LOVE IT), you’re going to want to choose something light, airy, and breathable.

Good Summer Fabrics:

  • Batiste: Lightweight and soft, this transparent fabric is made of plain weave and usually takes the form of an overlay or veil. Perfect for the warm-weather months!
  • Charmeuse: Typically made of silk, The ultra-lightweight fabric is suitable year-round, though it tends to be a sexy spring or summer staple.
  • Chiffon: Made from woven silk or rayon, the matte fabric has a floaty and ethereal vibe perfect for the boho bride. Its light and airy structure make it a great option for spring and summer weddings!
  • Georgette: Sheer and lightweight, georgette is spun from polyester or silk and has a crepe surface. Its soft silhouette makes it a perfect top layer in wedding gowns and is usually seen in the summer months.

7. Consider the Shade

When choosing your venue, take a look to see what kind of shade the space has to offer.

This will allow you to plan your ceremony in a location that will give you and your guests the best shade, depending on the time of day!

Most importantly, stay cool, and enjoy your big day!