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August 5, 2020


Intrigue Designs Meets Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight

August 5, 2020

If you’ve yet to binge Netflix’s hit series The Big Flower Fight, let us introduce ourselves!

We’re Sarah and Jordan of Intrigue Designs. We can’t wait to take you on a flower-packed journey through our time on the show.

Check out our favorite designs from Netflix's The Big Flower Fight & a Behind the Scenes Look!

photo courtesy of Clear Sky Photography

While every single design we created holds a special place in our hearts, we (of course) have our favorites! However, there is actually quite a big difference between the most fun we had while creating a design and the designs we are most proud of… and that design differs between the two of us pretty drastically!

Here’s a little insight into our personal favorite designs…

Jewel Beetle

photo courtesy of Netflix

Out of all our creations, Sarah’s choice for most fun would definitely have to be the Beetle we designed during the very first episode of the show.

Everything was so new to us at this point, and we were excited to dive in and show the world that we could handle whatever was thrown at us! The gorgeous flowers and colors we used in this Beetle only added to the fun.

Burlesque Dress

photo courtesy of Netflix

Jordan’s choice for most fun? The burlesque dress! Creating this living, breathing piece of floral fashion was playful and inspiring for us.

I mean, come on, you can’t be sad when you have Plumosa, right!? It’s so fun, bouncy, and visually exciting; you just can’t help but have a great time when you’re working with blooms like those!


photo courtesy of Netflix

Rounding the curve from most fun to design we’re most proud of, comes the lemur design from episode three.

The judges didn’t pick this lemur as their favorite, but that didn’t change how we felt about the quality of our work.

When we walked into the dome and the judges said we’d be working with grasses; we looked at each other, and immediately realized that neither of us knew anything about grasses. We hadn’t even been aware that many different varieties of grass even existed! Then, imagine our surprise when we saw a giant metal structure that looked like some sort of animal…You get the picture, right? We were shocked.

We stared up at our empty structure for an hour or so, looking back and forth between our sketchbook and our design space. What grasses should we use? How do we build it? Where do we start? This was going to be a challenge like no other!

In the end, the design that we created made us so unbelievably proud! Even though we faced uncertainty along the way, we finished our design and it looked so darn cute. Thinking about this lemur and the story of its creation still makes us smile.


photo courtesy of Netflix

Our octopus sculpture was also another inspiring design for us. For this challenge, the judges asked that we used recycled beach trash in our designs…Yup, you read that right! The materials available to us had (literally) been pulled from the ocean and surrounding beaches.

We wanted to put a heroic twist on this creation and design an octopus crushing the beach trash around him. We wanted our cartoon character to tell a story of success by doing his part to keep himself from getting all tangled up in the trash and debris in the world, by helping to clean up the mess. Not to worry, we made sure to give him a bit of muscle too!

We wanted to incorporate his emotions into the design as well, so we added a little bit of black grass peeking through to show that he was so angry about his polluted home and upset about all of the trash, he had begun to ink, an octopus’ physical reaction to emotion.

Thanks so much for joining us on this journey of floral sculpture creation! If you’re ready for more, be sure to check out The Big Flower Fight on Netflix to see our living, breathing sculptures.

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