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September 19, 2018


Tips for the Groom to Prep for the Wedding

September 19, 2018

Congrats! You popped the question, and you’ve already sorted out the most important details — but have you taken the time to sort out the smaller details, like your look?

As a groom, you may not have to put in as much work into your wedding day style as a bride, but it is definitely something you should to pay attention to. Plus, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

After talking with our friends at Harry’s, we’ve come up with three main areas to focus on (skin, hair, and body) so you’ll be looking and feeling your best before you know it!

Get Your Skin in the Game

Yes, guys, your skin needs to be properly prepped for your wedding day! We promise, this does not have to be complicated and it doesn’t require any extra wedding planning.

Simple things like a hydrating moisturizer and a sharp razor blade can make a world of a difference! Whether you plan to shave the day of or two weeks before, you want to ensure you have a soft, clean face for a polished look.

First, prep your face with shaving cream and then, with a new razor, go with the grain to avoid any tugging and pulling.

If you want a closer shave, add more cream and make a second pass on the skin.

Finally, follow up with a hydrating facial moisturizer — either use one you already love, or pick one up with ingredients like shea butter or aloe to soothe your skin.

Avoid a Hairy Situation

Imagine getting your hair cut the day of your wedding and then hating it — yikes.

Your future spouse won’t be happy with you, and you won’t be happy with yourself when you realize you have to look at the wedding photos for the rest of your life, featuring your bad hairdo. Believe it or not, your wedding day hair does take some extra planning…

If you take a few months to think about how you want your hair to look that day, you will thank yourself later. This gives you time to try out a few different styles or practice styling your current cut.

If you aren’t sure of the look you want, try one, grow it out and try another, until you find what you love.

It’s safe to stick with the cut you normally rock, but it’s true that your hair always looks better when a professional styles it.

Ask your barber what products they use on you, go out and buy them yourself, then practice! The morning of your wedding, you will be able to perfect the look in minutes.

Work Up a Work Out

You will want to look and feel your best as you head down the aisle and all eyes are on you.

If this means getting fit, then go for it!

Make it easier to reach your fitness goals by using health apps like MyFitnessPal to track your food and Pear to help guide your workouts if you plan to hit the gym. You can drastically tone up or slim down your body in as short as 8 weeks if you stick to a lifestyle change. But here are a few extra tips to ensure working out doesn’t feel like working out…

Enlist your friends! Heading to the gym or running with your buddies will make your workout more entertaining and go by faster. You won’t be staring at your watch or counting down the minutes left in the song you’re listening to.

Do what you love! Remember when you were a kid and loved playing basketball, swimming or rollerblading? Tap into those activities you used to love when you were younger and you are bound to enjoy your workout more!

Get a fitness tracker! Fitness trackers like a FitBit or AppleWatch are a great way to challenge yourself to beat a calorie or time related goal. You ran a 13-minutes mile last week? Shoot for an 11-minute mile this week! You will stay motivated by crushing goals each week at the gym!