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July 22, 2021


Cozy Winter Essentials

Winter is here to stay & it’s time to hunker down and cozy up!

The cool winter months are all about staying cozy.

While things outside tend to look a bit dark and dreary, that just means we have more time to turn our indoor space into a warm and inviting cozy corner.

1. Welcoming Blooms

One of the best ways to bring a bit of life into your home is by keeping fresh flowers around.

Especially throughout the winter season, when the sun set’s way too early and rises way too late.

Fresh blooms are a great way to bring a bit of spring into your home when the outdoor climate is, well, let’s just say less than ideal.

Plus, they just make you feel good, right!?

Not only do they make a space feel cozy & comfortable, but they’re also proven to help us keep a positive outlook and our moods up! (click here for some science)

A few winter blooms to choose from:

  • Carnations: Come in a variety of colors, are hardy, and long-lasting
  • Anemones: Beautiful, sophisticated, and lovely – the epitome of a winter bloom!
  • Roses: Because there’s just something about a deep red, velvety Freedom Rose that really hits the spot in the wintertime.

2. Plants

Houseplants are the perfect way to make your home feel a little more, well, homey!

They also produce fresh air and aid in eliminating unwanted toxins from the air inside your home.

“What kind of plants should I get?”, you may ask.

Check it out:

Just figure out what type of light and care will work best for you and your home, then buckle down & set yourself into #cozymode!

2. Candles

We don’t know about you, but when we think cozy, we think dim lighting, popcorn, wine, and a brand new candle.

But for real, if you don’t get excited about a Yankee Candle or White Barn sale… not sure if we can be friends…kidding 🙂

Check out these game-changers:

Crystal Geode Aquamarine Candle: If you love geodes, crystals, or nature, there couldn’t be a better candle for you. So sparkly, so dazzling – we can’t get enough.

Positive Vibes Crystal Energy Candles: The name speaks for itself – for de-stressing and positive vibes only.

3. Throws

You can’t get down and cozy without a fuzzy throw; we don’t care who you are! (Even if you only like to keep your toes covered).

Starting with a personal favorite:

UGG® Classic Sherpa Throw Blanket in Ceramic: This blanket has to be one of the softest, warmest throws ever. (It even beats a weighted blanket, swear.)

Coming in at a close second, Faux Fur Ombre Throw from West Elm: The epitome of elegance and luxury, this blanket takes cozy to the next level – and makes you feel like you live in Buckingham Palace, so that’s cool too.

4. Comfy Clothes

Blankets are all well and good – but wearing your blanket like a cape is definitely not the most functional, if you MUST leave the couch, that is.

The obvious solution? A robe, right?

This Ombre Tipped Faux Fur Robe from Pottery Barn is not only incredibly warm and soft but makes us feel like kings & queens of the castle.

If you want something a little more unique, wearable blankets are where it’s at:

The Comfy Dream Lite Oversized Wearable Blanket, also known as The Comfy for short, contains all the loveliness of a blanket without adding any thick layers – plus it has a hood…what more could you ask for?

5. Mugs Galore

There’s something about winter that just makes a nice, steaming cup of tea or hot chocolate sound so good.

Whether your go-to is tea, hot chocolate, hot cider, or coffee – a good mug makes everything better.

This new Ember Mug²: Metallic Collection from Ember is a smart mug that allows you to set your preferred drinking temperature, so you can enjoy your hot drink—just the way you like it— from the first sip to the last drop! (Plus, it comes with a handy dandy charging coaster).

This Floating Mug features a clever handle to coaster design that not only looks sleek and modern but is safe for tables and hard surfaces. You’ll never need to go searching for a coaster again! 

6. Fairy Lights

A cozy snow day isn’t complete without twinkling fairy lights strung about the room to set the mood.

These LED string lights are remote controlled and feature a timer, 8 different modes, and are also dimmable.

If you’re looking for something a little morethese Globe String Lights may be more your speed. They can be used indoors and outdoors and add an instant old fashioned feel to any space.

7. Get Your Bake On

Ahh, the smell of cinnamon on a cold winter’s day. You can’t beat it.

We’ve got your standard cinnamon buns & snickerdoodles, but let’s kick it up a notch!

So there’s cinnamon rolls, and then there’s cinnamon roll COOKIES.

Yes, cookies. Do it, you won’t be disappointed.

Ever tried Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit Bites? No? 

Why, they’re the perfect breakfast, dessert, or snack!

And gosh darn-it are they easy & perfect for popping!

8. Make it Warm & Make it Rustic

There’s something about small rustic accents and warm neutrals that just screams, “take a nap!”

The best part? It can be as simple and low-key or luxurious and extravagant as you want it to be.

Something as simple as a rustic blanket ladder like this one or a little more pricey like this Aldwin Coffee Table with a liftable top for extra storage will do the trick! 

Another way to add warmth and texture to your home is fresh plants! Houseplants can add a pop of color to your space— especially if you choose a flowering plant. 

9. All the Snacks

Because snacks just make everything better, right!?

We’re thinking freshly popped popcorn with M&Ms sprinkled in, or a personal favorite – Crack Pretzels (or “seasoned pretzels”), if you will.

If you’re a fan of pretzels, you’ll love this homemade version. All you need is

  • Veggie Oil
  • Ranch Dressing Mix (packet)
  • Garlic Salt (we prefer garlic powder)
  • Dried Dill Weed
  • Large Ziplock bag for mixing

Too easy!

Plus, these delightful treats make a perfect gift, especially around the holidays.

10. Bath Must Haves

Nothing like a nice hot bath to warm you up in the winter!

We don’t know about you, but a bath isn’t a bath without at least a few bubbles…ok, fine, maybe more than just a few, but don’t come for us.

Some of our favs:

Go forth! Get down & get cozy this winter!