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December 2, 2021


5 Reasons to Shop Florist’s Choice

December 2, 2021

The holidays are quickly approaching and there’s one thing on everyone’s mind—holiday shopping.

There’s no doubt you’ve heard the news—holiday shipping delays are a thing and the time to start shopping is now.

Any other last-minute shoppers out there?

It can’t be just us!

Every year, last-minute holiday shoppers find themselves in a mad scramble to hit “add to cart,” only to feel defeated by those little red letters at checkout: “expected to ship in 5-7 business days.” But this year, it’s looking like even shoppers who like to plan ahead might find themselves disappointed, thanks to global supply chain issues and resulting holiday shipping delays.

If you’re scrambling trying to think of a gift that doesn’t rely on FedEx, UPS, or USPS and doesn’t rely on obtaining specific product—you’ve come to the right place.

What is Florist's Choice?

Florist’s Choice allows your local florist to create the best arrangement, using the freshest flowers they have in stock—no waiting and no shipping delays. By avoiding the issue of low inventory, flower substitutions, and giving your florist the creative freedom to do what they do best—you’re getting a beautiful, fresh arrangement every time.

Think Chef’s Choice. Guests who ask for a “chef’s choice” meal usually assume that the chef knows the best available items and that leaving their order up to the chef’s discretion will result in the finest possible meal.

Gifters who order “florist’s choice” arrangements assume that the floral designer knows the best available items/inventory, and that leaving their order up the florist’s discretion will result in the finest possible arrangement.

5 Reasons Why You Should Send Florist's Choice Arrangements This Holiday!

5. Get the Best Bang For Your Buck

While local florists don’t rely on standard shipping, they’re dealing with inventory issues just like the rest of the world.

Ordering Florist’s Choice not only makes it easier for your florist to artfully craft something beautiful and unique for your loved one but also guarantees you fresh, long-lasting flowers.

What’s more? All of our local florists try their hardest to make each Florist’s Choice product a deal! This is why you’ll see these arrangements listed on as “Florist’s Choice Daily Deal.”

Not to mention—florists are artists—they know what they’re doing! Let them do it!

4. Florist = Floral Artist

Speaking of artists…Did you know the word florist literally translates to “Floral Artist”?

While ordering something you can’t necessarily see right away can be a little bit nerve-racking, it’s so worth it once you see the end result.

The freshest flowers combined with a skilled, local floral genius is a combo you don’t want to miss out on.

3. Better Product

When it comes to flowers, your local florist always knows best.

If you want something unique, fresh, and long-lasting without going way out of your budget—Florist’s Choice is the way to go.

By choosing a Florist’s Choice arrangement, you’re also more likely to get something you may not have been able to come up with on your own— color pallets you might have never thought of—or certain flowers or greenery that you didn’t even know existed!

The possibilities are endless when you put your faith in your local florist and let them do their thing!

2. It's Easier

Just one click is all it takes (well, almost).

Ordering a Florist’s Choice arrangement is so easy.

No endlessly scrolling through product after product, no nail-bitingly hard decisions to make: “Would they rather have yellow daisies or pink carnations?” “Red roses or an assortment of roses?”

Leave the hard decisions to the experts—you won’t be disappointed.

1. Your Local Florist Will Thank You (And So Will Your Recipient)

It’s no secret that choosing a florist’s choice arrangement makes the entire process of sending flowers just that much easier.

It’s easier on the local florist you’re ordering from, and it’s easier on you (no hours spent trying to pick something you know your recipient will love). You can rest easy with the confidence that your loved one will receive a beautifully unique, fresh, handcrafted arrangement they’ll adore.