Lovingly Funnels:
A Better Way to Sell Flowers Online

Get the insight to make something special, the freedom to be creative, and more profitable orders.

Shopping for flowers online today is a broken experience.

For florists…

  • Missing the emotional connection you had with in-store shoppers
  • Sick of making the same cookie-cutter designs every day
  • Struggling to find new ways to compete
  • Losing customers to Order Gatherers

For shoppers…

  • Missing the expert advice you provide to in-store shoppers
  • Not sure how to express themselves and send a meaningful gift
  • Can’t tell who is a real local business
  • Anxious about sending the wrong message with their flowers

Florists and shoppers both deserve better.

That's why we created Lovingly Funnels.

Lovingly Funnels fixes the lifeless experience of buying flowers online.

We ask customers the same important questions you’d ask if they walked in your shop door.

  • How do you want the recipient to feel when they see the flowers?
  • What else should we know to make this design really special?
  • What are you trying to express?

By giving you all these details, and more, your artistry gets the chance to shine.

Your skills can come back to life, and you can create a truly meaningful arrangement and build a real connection with your online customers.

Plus, with performance-based pricing, we don’t make a penny until you do.

Ready to get creative, profitable orders again?

Here's how it works.

Customers are guided through a few easy questions that tell you why they’re sending flowers.

They enter the recipient’s zip code, find your shop, see your reviews, and select you to be their designer.

All orders are Designer’s Choice! You get to showcase your creativity based on your customer’s insights. No more stem counts or cookie-cutter recipes!

You keep 90% of every order, 100% of customer and recipient info, and reclaim your creativity. What’s better than that?


Lovingly Funnels is a brand new way to compete against Order Gatherers, to connect with shoppers and to deliver a better shopping and gifting experience. It’s a florist-direct online marketplace that recreates the in-store shopping experience—where we’ll ask questions on your behalf about the shopper’s sentiments, the recipient, and more—so you get the insight to make something special, the freedom to be creative, and ultimately, orders that are more profitable.

Lovingly Funnels is a florist-direct platform. That means all orders are placed directly local florists to create and deliver. No drop-shipping and no middleman.

Plus, Lovingly Funnels is the first and only floral platform to offer the kind of guided advice you would give in-store—which means a great experience for your customers, and better, more insightful orders for you. 

With Lovingly Funnels, orders are placed directly with you, the local florist. Lovingly doesn’t collect orders and then route them to florists. Instead, shoppers select the local shop they’d like to order from, and then purchase directly from the shop. You get all the contact info for both the sender and the recipient—your potential new clients.

There’s no cost to join Lovingly Funnels. Just like Lovingly Store, it’s a performance-based platform, so we don’t make a penny until you do. 

Lovingly Funnels is offered on a 90-10 revenue share, so you get 90% of the order total, every time. Lovingly covers the credit card processing fees, too. Plus, since there are no codified containers to buy or strict recipes to follow.

You get all the creative freedom of a Florist’s Choice order! With Lovingly Funnels, customers purchase the Lovingly Artist Design. It’s the Florist Choice product with all the creative artistic freedom you love, amplified by the customer’s emotion as your guide.

You get more details than ever before about the recipient and their relationship to the sender, so you have the insight to create a truly unique bouquet. No stem counts or codified containers here—your recipe is the sender’s sentiments. You can get more details here!

All current Lovingly Partners are eligible to sign up for Lovingly Funnels right now! Soon, we’ll be rolling this offer out to florists across the US and Canada. Interested, but not a partner yet? Join the waitlist and be the first to know when membership is open!

Yes! You’ll get both the customer and recipient’s information. We’ll share 100% of the data—not like other companies where you only get recipient information, and even then, they might withhold key details like email addresses. It’s another way we help you compete against Order Gatherers.

Ready for more customer insight, more creative freedom, and more profitable orders?