I’d like everybody to have the feeling I now have, which is freedom.

Nikki, owner of Nikkibana Floral Designs

a Lovingly Hero from Nikkibana Floral Designs

Hi Nicole! What moments remind you of why you chose the floral business?

After about a year of design experience, I was in San Diego and came across an Ikebana International Show. I walked in and felt like I’d come home. It was as if Nikki’s design world was in that room. I had goosebumps. The sheer perfection of Ikebana floral art affected me deeply and it was a shared experience that changed my outlook. My family had to leave and come back for me! I stayed and spoke to all the designers!

I knew then that one day I’d have my own shop and that I’d call it Nikkibana, because every piece of me goes into a design, so that I can help express the feelings of my clients and create more wonderful shared experiences.

What obstacles did you encounter that held your business back?

Too many! I was with another provider and I was not happy with them for a whole variety of reasons: website, service, costs, you name it! I received a sales call from Lovingly, from somebody I’m on a first name basis with today, and I was really candid with her. I poured my heart out, vented about all the issues. She let me do that, then let me know how Lovingly operates and what it offers. It was like music to my ears, but I had a lot of questions.

Well, she answered each one, and she gave the feeling that she empathized. I didn’t get that feeling of a salesperson just trying to get the sale. And I’ve never had that feeling from anybody on the team, even when I’m panicking and having a florazilla moment! All the obstacles holding me back have disappeared. If I wasn’t self-employed, I would want to work with the Lovingly team.

What business advice would you give to your fellow florists?

If you love what you do, you’ve already won. I’d like everybody to have the feeling I now have, which is freedom. I feel like a properly independent, full service florist, and I don’t think florists who work with the wire services can really say that.

I think there are many florists out there who are simply unaware. If you’re in a dark room and have just one light bulb, you’re going to forget what the sun feels like. I want everybody to know what the sun feels like.

Once florists are aware of what their lives could be, they’re never going to turn back. In the end, everybody will have to bend to us, which is how it should be, because we are the backbone of this industry. It’s us and the farmers who are getting up early every morning!

What helps your business grow and gives you more time for design today?

Once we got Google Ads going, and I started doing everything Lovingly advised, my orders doubled, and in the holiday months they tripled. I’m an online presence now. I used to be at the altar of the wire companies. You do what everybody says you should, then on instinct you go with a company that calls and says hello. And that worked out.

I started telling everybody in the industry about Lovingly and what it did for my business. They manage my Google Ads for me as part of my partnership with them. No extra costs. They work for me. It’s great for growth.

Nikki, owner of Nikkibana Floral Designs

We’re proud to call Nikkibana Floral Designs a Lovingly Hero

In my childhood, I used to visit a shopping center where there was a really cute flower shop. I told myself that I would work there one day. Years later, I was looking for a job and I marched in and said “Hi! My name is Nikki. I’m a hard worker and a fast learner. And if you hire me you won’t be sorry!” They did and I never looked back!

Shop: Nikkibana Floral Designs
Vallejo, California
Lovingly Partner since: September 2017
Established: 2002
Lovingly Reviews Rating: 4.9 Stars

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