Dealing with Emotions in the Floral Industry – Episode 8: Flower Shop Secrets

How can you disconnect from everyday stress?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson of Flowers by Zsuzsana in Hillsboro, Oregon shares her advice for dealing with emotions in the floral industry. Find out more on the latest episode of Flower Shop Secrets.

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Quick Summary

Key Takeaways

  • The Emotional Toll of Being a Florist
  • Disconnecting from Workday Stress
  • Taking over the Family Business
  • Wire-Service Freedom
  • Handling COVID Challenges

More About Our Guest

Zsuzsana began her florist journey after working as an interior decorator for a local florist in LA. The florist she was working for at the time took notice of her design eye and offered her a job, despite having no prior experience in the industry. Fast forward to about 20 years later, Zsuzsana now works closely with her daughter Anna in their cozy flower shop just outside of Portland, where they are proud to operate wire-service free.

Juggling everything that comes from owning and operating a small floral business makes for much-needed downtime to disconnect and destress. Zsuzsana suggests binge-watching some mindless television at the end of a long workday, hiking or amateur nature photography (her second passion), and taking weekend trips to get away and set business aside.

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Full Episode Transcription

What’s up everybody? This is Joe Vega and welcome to another Flower Shop Secret podcast and today I’ll be speaking with Zsuzsana Hutchinson from Flowers by Zsuzsana in Portland, Oregon, about what it feels like to finally break free from the wire services, and how florists deal with the emotional roller coaster ride they need to mirror when speaking to customers. Let’s go…

Intro: So the big question is this. How can small business owners like us in the flow industry, overcome the greed of order gathers and bypass the deceitful games played by wire services? How do we market, sell and deliver flowers online? So we may break free from these antiquated practices and earn our freedom? Those are some of the questions we will answer on this podcast. I’m Joe Vega. Welcome to Flower Shop Secrets.

Joe Vega 0:56
Hey, Zsuzsana, how are you?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 0:58
Hey, Joe. Good. How are you?

Joe Vega 1:00
I’m doing fine. So it’s been an interesting year, right? 2020

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 1:05
Oh, yeah.

Joe Vega 1:10
So how much revenue does your how’s your flower shop produce in 2020?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 1:13
Just an online sales through Lovingly, um, total sales was $223,167.

Joe Vega 1:22
How do you feel about that? Uh,

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 1:24
shocked, amazed, ecstatic. It’s been a good year.

Joe Vega 1:32
That’s it. I mean, it sounds fantastic. Do you remember what your revenue was when you first started online?

Joe Vega 1:41

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 1:42
yeah, give me a Give me a minute. Give me what was the year that was that was like 2017 I think it was right when I signed up with you guys. Sounds about right around I 16. Oh, wow. It’s It’s crazy. I don’t even know how I got where I am right now. You guys are crazy. Good. I can’t believe it.

Joe Vega 2:07
And you know, and it’s just you and you still you and your daughter? Did you get any more help?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 2:12
Um, we have another contract driver. She comes in when we’re hitting our, our crazy peak times, which is almost every day at this point. But

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 2:24
she’s on vacation this next two weeks.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 2:28
Um, so we do have an extra driver and I have an another driver that does really far, far away. I use another company for that. Um, it’s been just her and I doing the designs, the phones, and everything else. So yeah. Anna fell into it. Via me. She started as my designer and my delivery driver. When we opened up, and she saw me working on stuff. So she wasn’t going to go into this. She was dead set on going into graphic design. She wanted to go into computer animation, you know, and that’s, that’s where she was going. And lo and behold, she stuck now.

Joe Vega 3:14
Your daughter’s name is Anna. Right? So Anna is obviously working with you now. And she’s working. You know, she’s your right-hand woman. Right? Yeah. That’s fantastic. And that’s something that you enjoy me you get to work with your daughter? Yeah, we day. How’s that experience? What’s that? Like?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 3:32
We get along? Great. You know, we laugh a lot. We’ll bounce ideas off of each other we’ll ask for you know, well, what do you think about this and, um, it’s really nice to have that camaraderie. And I think it’s really brought us a lot closer. There are some days where one or both of us are snippy for whatever reason, and we get on each other’s nerves, and then she’ll leave for deliveries and we’re fine. But now, for the most part, it’s it’s been a wonderful experience to be able to share this with my daughter and pass it on to her when I retire. She’s expressed her interest in continuing flowers by Zuzana when there’s no more Zsuzsanna

Joe Vega 4:16
when you retired,

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 4:17
yeah, when I retire, I want her to be able to feel like she can handle doing the creative juggling that goes along with the business, you know, and she does great. She does a really good job, she can juggle a bunch of stuff going on in here. I think it’s more just getting into the business aspects, you know, the cost of flowers, buying flowers where to go that, you know, that kind of thing, what she kind of knows. So it’s more like the more nitty-gritty business aspects of it. Because there’s going to be a time when mom is not here anymore, and she’s not going to be handling that part. And if she wants to continue the business and go forward, she’s gonna have to do that. So

Joe Vega 4:59
you know what, it’s If you don’t, do you don’t see that anymore as much right florists leaving the business to their kids to their kin, right. Because most of the time they don’t want to do that they want to do something else. So, yeah, so it’s actually a thing. It’s a beautiful thing that that in this case, you know that at least that’s the plan to make that happen. I think that’s, that’s beautiful. You must be very proud of that.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 5:26
I am. I am I think she is to it because I’ve seen her, you know, she’ll do something, she’ll do a really beautiful arrangement. And then she’ll be sticking around here, like a little peacock going, you know, or should be like my, like, look like, you know, and I’m just that; really warms my heart.

Joe Vega 5:47
Yeah, so I’ve spent so much time in a flower shop that I know, I’ve tried for this and that it’s not easy it is, if I was to work in a flower shop, I know exactly. I know exactly what my job would be. And that would be the delivery driver. That’s the only thing I could do. And and to be honest with you that that is probably the most for me anyway because I’ve delivered some flowers and the way people treat you it’s like amazing, right? Because you’re bringing joy. So just watching those everyone’s expressions on their faces, like you can’t beat that. So designing is hard. And the fact that your daughter was able to pick it up, not only pick it up but become good at it. It’s amazing.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 6:24
Yeah, the lady that trained me the force that showed me She said, you can teach somebody mechanics, not a problem, but it’s not going to do you any good if you don’t have the design I and it holds true. And just like with Anna, when she came to me, and she’s like, so how do I do this? You know, she’s so you know, interest a little bit here and there. And I showed her how to do it. And she flew with it, you know? And then next thing I know, she cranks out a design and I see it and I’m like, I didn’t do that. She’s like, No, that was me. And I’m like, Oh, okay. So it’s it’s interesting to see how things develop. And that’s like I told my daughter, I said, if you didn’t have a knack for this, you wouldn’t be doing it. And you wouldn’t find enjoyment in doing it.

Joe Vega 7:16
All right. Well, let’s go. Let’s let’s just go back a little bit. How did you? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get started in the flooring industry? And when did you get started in the floral industry?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 7:26
Oh, gosh. I’m getting old Joe, you’re asking me to go way back in time. I spent over 20 years. And I was working as well. I was an interior decorator and I stumbled upon a flower shop kind of thing. This is back in LA when I live there. And my husband was doing some contract work for her. And I came in did some window displays and a few other things for her. And she’s like, Oh, I like what you do. I’m like, okay, she’s like, have you ever thought of floral design? And I’m like, no. And she’s like, well, you should and I go, why she goes because I’d be willing to hire you. If you wanted to try it. I go, I have absolutely no experience. And she goes, I don’t care. You have the design. That’s all I care about. So fast forward to now. I have my own shop.

Joe Vega 8:20
What do you enjoy about being in the floral industry?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 8:24
The creativity of it, you know, the creative outlet of being able to do things, and I do enjoy meeting new people. I’m a giver. I’ve always been that way. And I like to help people as much as I can.

Joe Vega 8:41
Me and Ken, my business partner and I, we have this thing where I don’t know when we started this but it was I think it started once we started both raising our families and having kids is like, you know, one day I would come to work and I would just be like tired. I’m not in the mood. I shouldn’t even be at work. And I just say Hey, man, you know what, today I’m going to use this card. It was just an imaginary card. And that became a thing that usually means like, Hey, I am in the mood today. Let’s, if you have anything to say that’s negative criticism, like whatever, wait till tomorrow, it’ll be there tomorrow. And then tomorrow, I’m fine. And so we started using it like, like once a month or something like that. It works really well, actually. So it’s kind of like warning the other individual like, Hey, I’m kind of cranky today. But without saying I’m kind of cranky today because I sound like childish. It’s like, Hey, hey, Shawn, I you know, I’m going to use one of my cards today. I’m gonna use a card today. And we all know what that means. Like, Oh, got it, like so. We just

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 9:46
gonna use that?

Joe Vega 9:47
Oh, yeah, let me know how it goes. It definitely. It definitely has worked for us.

Joe Vega 9:52
Yeah, you haven’t noticed? It’s gonna be Valentine’s Day. So

Joe Vega 9:57
how are you preparing for it? You’re not? Well, you did say, didn’t you buy a sign outside? Oh,

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 10:05
Yes, I bought a big banner. Thanks, Vince, thanks to vistaprint a very large banner ad, it’s gonna be strung up above my windows under my eaves. As big as bold, it says Valentine’s Day order by February 10. That’s the cutoff. Hey, you cannot order from your shop after February 10. Right? No.

Joe Vega 10:30
Well, have you ever done this before?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 10:33
Um, well, last year, without announcing that that’s the cutoff day, we actually did end up shutting the phones down February 10. And the website and worked on what we had worked our tails off, and we barely had enough flowers to finish the orders we had. So this year, I it’s different with COVID. I’m here in Oregon, we still have closures and only essential businesses so to speak, are allowed to be open, which this past year has really shown me that as a florist, I am essential because people want, they can only do so much from their home and they want to send their loved ones, congratulations, or sympathies or whatever it is. But consumers out there find that sending flowers is what they can do. They can’t be there in person. So they send a flower hug. You know, that’s, that’s just what people have been doing. And I think that’s why our sales have been so crazy. This past year to

Joe Vega 11:43
Yeah, I mean, the flower industry as a whole according to our data, it’s, you know, from the shops that are our partners are doing very well. And, you know, it’s it’s sort of strange, because, you know, usually, florist, or, you know, you guys have to fight for everything you can get right, you have order gatherers, you have wire services. And that’s sort of turned on its head a little bit, because now the local florists are actually busy and order gatherers probably have all these orders, but they can’t wire them out. And they get stuck with them, that they’re finding interesting ways to get around that a little bit, as we learned the other day, but you know, I think that they’re starting to put orders, you know, through the websites pretending to be the customers. That’s what I hear. I don’t have that happened to you. It has, yeah. And how do you how do you recognize that that’s not a an order from like, a legit customer.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 12:43
Because the order comes from a different name. So the person placing the order is different than they enclose your card. So let’s say jack is ordering the flowers, and it’s coming from Michael, whatever. So that’s kind of like a red flag for me. And also if they have to put their email addresses in for the receipts, as you know. And sometimes we’ll get jack at Bla Bla And it’s the name of another flower shop or order gathering shop. So I think local customers and customers everywhere are finally getting it through their six goals that order gathers are not, not the way to go. So they’re stealing away from all the big major ones that are out there. And they’re actually taking the time to call local. And I get phone calls daily. Hey, are you a local shop? I go, yeah, you’re really local. I mean, you’re not you’re not just telling me that I go, No, I’m really right here, you can look up my address. And they’re like, Okay, well, we’ve seen so many good things about you online, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But people are actually taking the time to look and Google and Yelp. I’m looking for that actual florist. So

Joe Vega 14:09
you know, that’s a great thing. that that’s the case. Right, because it’s been it’s been quite a while. Right. You know, florists in general have been in the past have been trying to educate the customer. And that’s not such an easy thing. Because, you know, Google makes it so, so easy to sort of for auto gathers to be ranked ahead of local florists and it’s easily confused. Usually customers just do whatever, it’s easier for them. But now they if they’ve gotten burned once or twice, they learned their lessons and they’re like, Nah, I’m gonna go find a local florist.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 14:41
Sadly, most people have been burned once or twice. Yeah, like and they will say that to me, too. They’ll be like, well, I did this before and I got you know, I didn’t get what I ordered or blah, blah, blah, you know, and the other the other hands on. Whether it’s an order gather or a real customer is they will order the floor. Choice option, or find something close to, but not exactly. And I’ll get these little instructions on there, you know, can you add this or whatever. And I always call and follow up on those kind of orders just to kind of get a feel for what’s going on and nine times out of 10, when I do call back out, get like a call center. If they didn’t, how can I put this delicately without sounding rude? If they didn’t steal money from the customers, um, and give us pittance for their orders? I think that it, it would be a much better relationship, you know, because we, we want to, in the end, the customer and the recipient lose. Because they’re putting in an order and the customer orders something specifically, but then, like they call or they try and send an order of florists choice. We’re the ones that get blamed saying that’s not what I ordered. And I go well, that’s not the order I was given. And so it’s that whole back and forth, where we don’t have that direct relationship with the customer, that that suffers when this happens.

Joe Vega 16:13
It’s interesting. So you you believe that there’s a way where the relationship could work between wire services in order gatherers is that it’s a possibility, right. That’s what you’re saying. That’s Well,

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 16:26
yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, trash the reputation of florists, honestly. And they’ve trashed their reputation because you can’t believe anything they say anymore. So me included, I get somebody that’s calling from an order gather. Nope, sorry, can’t do it. Click. And I hate to be that way. But it ends up backfiring on me and the customer and the recipient isn’t happy. So how does that make me look? I’m not in that game, or I want to look bad. And it’s not my fault.

Joe Vega 17:02
So I completely agree with you. So what are some of the stresses that come from dealing with customers all day? How do you how do you cope?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 17:13
Usually, if something irritates me, I’ll hang up the phone, and I’ll vent. I try not to bottle, I was a bottle A long time ago, it’s not healthy. And so our doors are shut, nobody can hear me, I’ll scream, I’ll do whatever. And move on, let it go. And nowadays, it’s been really hard, um, people are dealing with a lot of loss. And that’s, that’s hard. And there’ll be times where it’s such a sad situation that you can’t help but cry with the customer.

Joe Vega 17:54

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 17:56
It just is. Or I’ll get a company that orders from me a lot, which I do I have a few of those. And they’ll be calling and they’ll be like, Oh, zsuzsanna we need another sympathy? And I’ll be like, No, you know, so we get kind of this rapport going, you know, and it’s at the end of those conversations, it’s like, well, so and so can you please send me a happy birthday next time? And they’re like, absolutely, you know, dealing with customers, you kind of have to be sympathetic, but at the same time, not let it get to you all the time. So, turn the music up, rage a little bit, let it go, and then move on to the next. And that’s pretty good.

Joe Vega 18:42
Yeah, you know what, I’ve always found that fascinating, the, the emotion, emotional roller coaster ride that you guys go through every single day, right? Because, you know, flowers are sinful, all sorts of reasons, good, bad, and everything in between. and you have to sort of take the ride with the customer, you can have a customer on the phone, that’s really happy because they got a promotion or their girlfriend got a promotion or whatever. And it’s a happy order. The next the next phone call you can you’ll get is, you know, they’ll be on the phone crying because their parent just passed away. Oh, yeah. And you have to try to match the emotional state of the, of the customer. So for you, I can only imagine that that’s that up. And that must take its toll.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 19:27
It’s as it’s it’s exhausting. It’s emotionally exhausting. Um, some days, I just get home and I’m like, I’m going to just sit here and binge watch something that’s mindless. You know, I just I disconnect from everything going on, you know. And it’s and it’s not like we as florists don’t have lives of our own. You know. So just like everybody, we’re juggling things, we just tend to deal with a lot more emotions going on, you know, and it’s We also, when you have returned customers and regular customers like I am, I have a lot. You develop a bond and a friendship with them almost. So the next time they call and you catch up with them, you’re like, Oh my gosh, it’s it’s, it’s almost like an extended family sometimes because you get caught up in what’s going on with their lives, you know,

Joe Vega 20:23
right. And so how are you able to de-stress from the world at the end of the workday you just mentioned, you just go home and do something mind numbing, like binge watching a show or something?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 20:34
Um, yeah. And I try as much as possible on weekends to get away, go hiking, go somewhere that has nothing to do with business. And my second passion is amateur photography. So I that’s my escape. And my disconnect. I love wildlife photography. So I’ll go away, and I’ll watch birds or something, you know, so it helps my mind disconnect from everything going on the rest of the week?

Joe Vega 21:08
Yeah, you need to do that. You need to disconnect somehow, especially on a rollercoaster ride, like every single day that I mean, it can be draining sometimes.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 21:18
Exactly. It’s exhausting. And it doesn’t stop. I’m on Mount for Valentine’s Day. I

Joe Vega 21:27
actually turns it up a little bit, right?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 21:29
Oh, what? See, so you have all that madness coming at you, right? But then you still have the rest of the stuff. Because you’re still gonna have funerals, you’re still gonna have birthdays, other things that pop up or a phone call from a guy that pissed his wife off, and he’s upset. And so you’re gonna have all that stuff coming at you regardless. Crazy holiday or not?

Joe Vega 21:55
Do you have any fun or compelling stories about a memorable time in which, you know, you connected meaningfully with a customer?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 22:04

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 22:07
yes, I’m had a funeral, a lady called and ordered and she was very emotional. And, gosh, this was years ago. But she, she waited for me to deliver to where they were having the services at. And she, she waited for me, I got there. I set it up. And she came up to me. And she’s like, are you sure Gianna? And I’m like, Yeah, she goes, I’m so and so I’m like, Well, hello. And I’m like, she goes, I wanted to wait, and, and say hello in person. Because you and I talked for so long on the phone. And you were so wonderful and caring about my husband passing away. And you, I see what you brought. And it’s brought peace to me. And I can’t express my thanks enough for what you did. And that was like, Oh, my God, usually I go to a funeral home and I’ll drop it and I’ll put it at the church or wherever it may be. And I don’t see anybody. I don’t see any family. It’s very rare that I see family. But she’d specifically stayed back to say thank you. And I was like, Whoa, that was cool. She’s actually such she found peace. She goes, I see this. And it reminds me of my husband. And it’s exactly what she what he would have wanted. And it’s perfect. And I’m like she was I can’t thank you enough. I’m like, Yeah.

Joe Vega 23:37
That was good. That was good. Absolutely. Do you have any? If I was a florist? Do you have any direct advice for me if I was a florist who let’s say I may have trouble dealing with the ups and downs of, of emotions.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 23:50
If you are having an issue talking to a customer, if you have somebody in the shop with you, I put that person kindly on hold, and give it to that person and say, and if you if you can’t deal with it, otherwise, say, Hey, can I put you on hold for a second, I just need to grab something. Let me just put you on hold for a minute. Take a breath, put them on hold, walk away, go in the cooler, scream in the cooler, do whatever you got to do. And just say you know what? This person is dealing with a lot more than I am right now. And it’s okay. So instead of getting nasty, or getting angry or upset with something, just realize that everybody’s going through something and it may be far worse than what you’re going through. So be kind. If he got up, put a rubber band on your wrist or whatever it is to snap it and say you know what, I gotta be nice to this person no matter what. Then do it. You know, and if you can’t do it, then hand it off to somebody that can work. Hold on back. Say, Hey, you know what, I just had a customer walk in. Give me a few minutes and I’ll call you right back. Okay, we’ll straighten this out. That’s kind of how I deal with it. Thankfully, I don’t have a lot of customers like that. But it has happened. And I’m sure it will happen again. But just remember to be kind.

Joe Vega 25:23
Excellent advice. Thank you that that advice.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 25:29
It’s never wrong. Just remember to be kind, right? There’s,

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 25:32
it goes for lots of things that happen in life. Somebody cuts you off.

Joe Vega 25:36
Yeah, there’s one. Have you had it? Have you ever seen anyone sort of have a, like a strong reaction after talking to a customer?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 25:47
Yeah, it’s happened, it’s happened to Anna. Sometimes we’ll get something that’s so far out there. Like, whose reality Are you living in kind of situation. And Anna will just sit there and scratch your head for a minute and be really pissed off. After it’s all said and done. And I’m like, go for a walk. Just go walk around the block. Just walk it off. You know, it affects us people’s emotions, what they go through how they treat us. We’re not just somebody on the other end of the phone, we’re human. You know, so we have sometimes knee jerk reactions. And sometimes we handle ourselves a little bit a little more class. But yeah,

Joe Vega 26:38
just to switch things up a little bit. How does it feel to be wire service free?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 26:44
Oh, gosh, um, I don’t think there’s really a word to describe the feeling of being free from that kind of bondage. The bank account is a good example. The sales numbers are a good example. Um, it feels great. Um, I’m a small business, family business, woman owned business. Um, and for Anna, my daughter, um, this past year, um, because of working here and doing as well as renewing her and her fiance were able to buy a house. So being able to be at least a little part of that is, is really good. It’s a good feeling to be able to provide for your family. I wouldn’t be able to do that with wire services, they, they take too much. They we would barely we, I don’t even want more orders to be honest with you.

Joe Vega 28:00
You know, this is being recorded, right?

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 28:03
I take it back, you race to race, the race. No.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 28:07
More orders are good.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 28:10
The orders that you would get from wire service are busy orders. They’re not money orders, there’s a huge difference in profit, profitability. So it feels fantastic. To be wire service free and to have that freedom and know that you are not indebted to or chained to another company that’s making more money than you are, frankly, on your orders. So it’s great. And I so thank you guys for doing what you do.

Joe Vega 28:44
Oh, that’s that’s, you know, it’s our pleasure. Like that’s, it’s in our DNA. You know,

Joe Vega 28:51
we couldn’t do this without you. So

Joe Vega 28:54
you listen, that’s that’s what we do. You know, we love being part of the industry. We’re on a mission. We’re trying to change the industry to you know, florists started this entire industry. And they lost it. Right. They lost it because of the why services because the auto gathers because of greed. And we’re trying to change that, right? We’re trying to empower you guys to take back the indices you started. Short, profitable, orders are good. Sure being where services are good. But the one thing that you said there is it allowed your daughter to purchase her first home, right? And to me, I tell, you know, my team all the time that you know, we’re not just coming in and coding or designing or working, we’re actually doing meaningful work. That’s, that’s having a positive effect on others. And then you can have moments like that. I’m just I’m just happy that we’re a part of that.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 29:44
Yeah, I am to, um, you take back your your your livelihood, your business, and you move forward with it and you do positive things with it. And signing up with you guys was the best thing that I ever did. You know, it’s a blessing. My mind on how far we’ve gotten and to know that I actually have a business right now that has such a great reputation and a solid foundation that I can leave it to my daughter.

Joe Vega 30:15
Yeah, that’s that’s I, you know, I don’t have the words to reply back to you. I just feel really good about that. It’s really weird feel warm inside. That’s, that’s what you know, you think being wire service free has allow you to be more creative.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 30:28
Yes. Um, I think having the florist choice options on the website is a great way for us to be able to, to spread our creativity and do what we do best. Instead of following a cookie cutter recipe, I think a lot of wire services. And that’s all they offer. They don’t offer the florist to be creative. They create all these recipes online. And this is what you got to do. And this and you know,

Joe Vega 30:55
that’s it. So every florists has tons of stories when it comes to customers. And the reason why they the reason why customers order flowers we all know this, can you share with us a, a safe for work story? What’s one of the craziest or most memorable reasons someone has wanted to buy flowers from you? A PG version version

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 31:17
version? Okay. Um, Case in point, a customer that ended up turning into a good friend of mine actually called me up one day out of the blue. And I will say the PG version of this to go and the first words out of his mouth was, hey, do you have an I’m an APR. Okay. And I’m like, What? Do you have that? And I go, um, well, I don’t exactly have one that’s called that. But how big of a were you? He goes, a very big one. I go put $1 amount on it. And so it was like $150. Okay, I said, Oh, you are a really big one, didn’t you? And we just hit we hit it off. And And normally, it’s funny. Normally, I’m not that candid with a customer on the phone. But he just came off as one of those guys that you can joke with. And normally you can tell on the phone when somebody like that. And so he became he became a, I need to send my wife weekly flowers kind of a guy. So every week, he turned into, I’m sending her these flowers to work. And she got rave reviews at home from his side. Everybody in his wife’s office, loved the flowers, and was always so jealous when I show up with them. They’re like, Oh, are those for me? And I’m like, Nah, you know better than that. So, yeah, it’s been great. It’s been fun. We’ve got some great customers out there.

Joe Vega 32:49
All right, Zsuzsana. Thank you so much. It’s always fun. It’s always fun talking to you have a blast. And, you know, I you know, one of these one of these, you know, I don’t know when but I would love to go up there again.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 33:03
Come up for Valentine’s Day. I’ll work yeah.

Joe Vega 33:05
Yeah, right. I’ll be the delivery driver, though.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 33:08
Oh, come on. When we’re back to being normal post COVID. Please come.

Joe Vega 33:17
I would definitely do that.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 33:18
Alright. Awesome. Thanks for having me. Joe.

Joe Vega 33:21
Thank you for joining us.

Zsuzsana Hutchinson 33:23
You’re welcome. Take care.

Joe Vega 33:25
Bye. We want to help your business bloom. Follow for more episodes to flowershop secrets streaming now on Spotify, Apple podcast, Google, and more.

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