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For over 25 years, Union Square Flowers has been elevating the everyday floral experience. Specializing in custom arrangements for any occasion, event, or just because, Union Square Flowers is one of the last iconic flower stands located in the heart of San Francisco. As a small, family-owned and operated business in the middle of downtown’s hustle and bustle, you’ll find owner, Patricia, and her nephew, Eric, curating show-stopping arrangements. Known for its full, vibrant, and diverse floral selection ranging from your typical roses and daisies to more exotic flowers, you’ll want to do more than just stop and smell the roses.

From birthday flowers to holiday wreaths or just to brighten up your home or office, Union Square Flowers makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

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Lovingly is the only way to connect with local florists online through a personalized process that ensures your gift (and message) brightens any day for the ones you love. By helping you choose the perfect gift and removing the guesswork of finding a local florist, Lovingly makes it easy for you to convey how much you care while knowing you’re supporting local businesses.

When you buy local, you’re connecting directly with us, an independent local florist, which means you get more value for what you spend—more flowers and better quality. Compare that to the big floral networks that can take as much as 30% off what you pay, decreasing the overall value of the arrangement. When you buy local, you get a better gift, and you help support the local community.

Your flowers are hand delivered in whichever presentation style you choose—vase or hand-wrapped. We’ll never send impersonal boxes. The arrangement will be directly handed to your recipient with a smile.

Your flowers are hand-delivered in whichever presentation style you choose—vase or hand-wrapped. We’ll never send impersonal boxes.

Contact us, Union Square Flowers at (415) 421-3188 .If you have any questions about your arrangement or your order, we’re ready to help you out!

Of course! We can even help you write the perfect card message.