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When words are not enough, a beautiful floral arrangement is a lovely way to show someone you care. French Buckets provides elegant flowers of all kinds to Southern California for all occasions. We make sure each flower arrangement expresses exactly what you want it to say. Our florists use their background in art to create one-of-a-kind bouquets.

The care you get from French Buckets doesn’t end with works of natural art. Our team also provides monthly flower subscriptions, flower arrangement workshops, and flower delivery scheduling options.

Schedule our flower delivery service any time you want to tell someone you care. Simply call us and place an order when you feel like it. Alternatively, you can sign up for a flower subscription to send your love regularly. If you want to make a more personal floral statement, our workshops allow you to make your arrangements, centerpieces, floral crowns, or any season-specific items like wreaths and garlands.

Whatever you intend to say with flowers, French Buckets helps you say it. We can’t wait to create—or help you create—the most important words with the most beautiful flowers. Visit or call us now to make your next big statement.

Whether it’s a small wedding, dinner gathering, or grand party, French Buckets brings their curated eye and botanical spirit to every setting.

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Lovingly is the only way to connect with local florists online through a personalized process that ensures your gift (and message) brightens any day for the ones you love. By helping you choose the perfect gift and removing the guesswork of finding a local florist, Lovingly makes it easy for you to convey how much you care while knowing you’re supporting local businesses.

When you buy local, you’re connecting directly with us, an independent local florist, which means you get more value for what you spend—more flowers and better quality. Compare that to the big floral networks that can take as much as 30% off what you pay, decreasing the overall value of the arrangement. When you buy local, you get a better gift, and you help support the local community.

Your flowers are hand delivered in whichever presentation style you choose—vase or hand-wrapped. We’ll never send impersonal boxes. The arrangement will be directly handed to your recipient with a smile.

Your flowers are hand-delivered in whichever presentation style you choose—vase or hand-wrapped. We’ll never send impersonal boxes.

Contact us, French Buckets Florist at (949) 759-0404 .If you have any questions about your arrangement or your order, we’re ready to help you out!

Of course! We can even help you write the perfect card message.